F-Tag Journal was born out of the desire to learn as much as possible about regulatory compliance. After reading the interpretive guidelines several times, there were more questions than before reading it. There appeared to be very little in the way of other resources to supplement the continued pursuit of knowledge. Eventually came the realization that the best way to  learn is through mentors or the mistakes of others rather than through your own mistakes. So there it began, almost daily, reading surveys of other nursing facilities that had been posted on Nursing Home Compare. It became obvious quite quickly there was a massive gap between the SOM Interpretive Guidelines and why citations are ACTUALLY issued. 

The research was done in a methodical approach. 2567s were reviewed, analyzed and tracked for the specific reasons facilities were being cited. Initially, the intent was to share this research through monthly newsletters, thus the name F-Tag Journal. But as ideas often do, F-Tag Journal evolved and became a video training resource anyone could key up, hit the play button and use to train staff. 

As we continue to film more training videos we are also working on developing other ideas to assist and supplement  long term care/skilled nursing industry operations. It appears that the industry has very little support at both the state and federal level at a time when our the industry will be the most needed. 

It is the mission of F-Tag Journal to continue to add value to your membership by offering both free and inexpensive research and resources to aid in achieving successful operations of your facility. 

F-Tag Journal